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ED08 Winners & Eshed at BUFF, Malmö, Sweden

Monday, March 16th, 2009

The winning ED08 filmmakers – Michal Mróz from Warsaw, Poland (Drzewo / The Tree) and South West Award winners Josh Cawthorn (pictured left) and Simon Roberts, two undergraduates from the School of Creative Art at UWE (Stand and Stare) all won a trip to BUFF – The International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmö, Sweden with Tim Crawley, Coordinator. They were invited to take part in the SCREEN workshops which aim to give young filmmakers the opportunity to meet industry professionals. Here’s how it all went…

The Trip

Waiting for the Oresund.

So here we are at Copenhagen airport, waiting for the high speed train to cross the Oresund bridge into Malmo Central. After a three and a half hour coach journey to Gatwick Airport, two hours of waiting and 1 hour 40 mins on the plane, we finally experienced our first mild condition of ‘ooer I’m in a foreign land and none of the signs are in english, how do i know what to do!?’ Luckily enough the first Scandy we came across spoke English, was extremely friendly and pointed us towards the right train, the ‘Oresund High Speed Express‘ with onboard wi-fi and power sockets next to each seat. This suit was set to follow for the duration of our trip; lovely, friendly, good looking Scandinavians in a modern, clean, expensive city hosting us, and a four day festival of film and media for children and young people. Instead of myself (Tim Crawley) giving you my own detailed, lightly humored account of the trip, in a moment I’ll hand over to the guys who earned their right to be there…. our ED08 prize winners. For most of them it was their first time at a festival of this scale. It was an opportunity to gain experience of networking on an international scale, attend various practical workshops through SCREEN and present their film through our Electric December presentation.

Steve Dunne from UWE, Sound Designer/Composer for ED prize winning film Stand and Stare

Being a soundtrack composer I was potentially quite out of place at a film festival but I found the whole experience useful, inspiring and really enjoyable. I am always cautious of coming across egos in these sorts of situations but, while i did spot a few overblown heads, what I encountered far more was people who are passionate about their art. I watched some interesting and funny short films, i watched many feature length films which varied massively in style, acclaim and budget. While some weren’t really to my taste and some I loved, I was able to take a lot away from these, as a composer. There were so many creative and clever ideas throughout all these films I felt inspired and more confident to move on with my own work.
It was a great chance to network too. I met people in different areas of the film industry and it was great to be able to make contact with them and showcase our work. More than that, though, it was great to feel part of a wider community of people who are committed and passionate about their particular brand of creativity. That translates to anyone, be they editor, director, animator, composer etc. I would recommend this type of festival to anyone and would certainly recommend BUFF film festival.

Simon Roberts from UWE, Director/Animator Stand and Stare

Simon Portrait
Simon Portrait

Simon seemed a pleasant mild mannered chap with an array of talent and a knack for coming up with odd questions such as.. ‘how much money am i going to spend?’ to which I could only answer.. well it depends what you buy Simon.

Josh Cawthorn from UWE, Director Stand and Stare

Josh Portrait
Josh Portrait

With the meatballs in my mind and the pickled herring in my head we began our time in Malmo, Sweden.
The festival was brilliant fun and i especially enjoyed the diverse amount of documentaries and short films that where screened. What stood out to me the most was that despite me being a student and not strictly a ‘film director’, i was still treated as a professional regardless.
We screened our film to a multi-European audience for the first time in a cinema setting and it was received well I also got a chance to speak to some well known film directors from Sweden, Germany and Norway, I will also be in contact with them from now on. Overall it was a brilliant experience and i really enjoyed the chance to meet some real industry people in a wonderfully creative environment. I am excited by the idea of my next festival and I feel like some kind of hippy by saying, “I’m going to all the festivals man!”

Michal Mroz (right), from Warsaw in Poland, Director/Animator of The Tree

Bristol, UK – Contributors details

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Watershed & Eshed.netwatershed

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Tel: +44 (0)1179275100

Watershed is a long-standing member of Europa Cinemas, the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association (CEA) and the Independent Cinema Office network (ICO). It opened its doors in 1982 as the UK’s first dedicated Media Centre, and is now a leading cultural organisation for world cinema, shorts, emerging digital form and hosts festivals such as Encounters Short Film Festival, Wildscreen and Slapstick Silent Comedy Festival. We screen and tour world cinema (Kawamoto, New Portuguese Cinema), digital forms (,, host international festivals (eg: and and are involved in a number of young people’s initiatives include eshed and electricdecember

Meet the Eshed team behind Electric December is an online media and film network for young people aged 14 – 21 run by a steering group of young people who attend weekly meetings at Watershed. These dedicated young budding film and media types make all the key decisions about the future of, Shedloads events and projects such as Electric December.

Contact the eshed team directly at

Visit our eshed’s sites: MySpace page and YouTube page

“Electric December is an expanding cultural exchange phenomenon that has grown over the last ten years, and will continue to get greater and greater!”Taran Burns, eshed Member and ED07 part-organiser

“I feel that Electric December is a really exciting project for a young person of my age to get involved in. I think that it’s full of promising opportunities to really get involved, have fun, but also get a great work ethic for the future.” - Amy Phelps, eShed Member

“Electric December is a brilliant opportunity for young people all around europe to share ideas, inspiration and culture through film. It gives young people a huge platform to express their ideas in a unique showcase that spans across many different countries, cultures and backgrounds.” - Sam Woodcock, eshed volunteer.

“The Electric December project is totally new to me, but already I’m excited about future prospects and how everyone is working together to make a truely amazing event which will provide a connection for cultures and people to get together to share views and ideas.” Jacob Dyer, newest eShed steering group member

eShed steering group meets to discuss possible designs for this years calendar

The planning and organisation for this year’s Electric December is all coming together and the e-shed steering group at Watershed, have now made their selection of the 24 films, out of over 40, that will be included in this year’s calendar. They’re a really interesting mix of drama, documentary, and both drawn and model animation, that have come from 8 European countries. E-shed have also been dreaming up how we can celebrate both the 10th year of Electric December and the inclusion of Europe in the project at the launch event at Watershed on December 1st – we hope to have a filmed interview with our partners from Vilnius to show at the launch too – hope you’re busy with your cameras at Skalvijos Kino Centras, Image Culture Studio!

As part of the EU Year of Intercultural Dialogue, Liz Milner (Development Co-ordinator for Young People’s Engagement, Watershed) and eShed member, Sam Woodcock have been invited to the Borders festival/ workshop/event at Créteil, near Paris, and they’re going on Tuesday 18th November until Friday 21st and have been asked to present the Electric December project because, our host, Frédéric Henry said “I like very much the Watershed’s work and I’m proud of sharing experiences with you and Sam Woodcock.” We’re looking forward to it

There will be presentation by other organisations from several EU countries about the work they do with young people, and screenings of films made by young people through partnerships working across Europe. There’s also going to be a workshop to make a film to change the world in one hour!The event is happening at the Cinémas Cinéma du Palais Créteil, this organisation has submitted a great film for Electric December called Ma Rue – a music video in black and white, created with young people in Créteil working with two rap artists Heckel and Jeckel – but you’ll have to wait until December 1st to see it!

We asked people to contribute to Electric December – with their digital still cameras. Here’s one of the photographs (Paul Hobbs Photography we’ve decided to use for the Electric December design fthis year…

And below are the graphics that the designers have come up after Eshed brainstormed some ideas around Europe going electric…

Eshedders Taz and Sam have put together the trailer for Electric December ’08 for a sneak preview, take a look and spread the word: You Tube

The MySpace ED 08 is now up and running and the ED 08 facebook group is also live so please join, sign up, post, paste, promote as much as you can…